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Anyone who knows me well, will know that one of my favourite places to visit is spas. Not just any though. It’s always one spa in particular. The Malvern. Its quite literally heaven on earth. But for christmas, my sister bought my other sister, my mum and I a day at the ocean rooms spa in Birmingham, so I thought I would share my experience with you all. I think it will be a nice little feature on my blog where I can review spa’s for you, as and when I try new ones.

If you have read my previous post ‘Perspective‘ then you’ll know this year has been a bit of a shitter so far, in fact a massive shitter. So this day could not have come at a better time. A day where us girls could get away from the reality of everything and spend some quality time together.

We had a lovely day together, and it was a perfect way to have some downtime from the craziness of everything. With that said, I definitely have some thoughts on the spa and its facilities and thought the best way to break this down for you would be splitting it into for sections; location, facilities, treatments & overall. So lets get straight into it …

Location 9/10

We went for breakfast together and then headed to the spa for around lunchtime. The spa is located at the Hilton hotel near resorts world in Birmingham, so a good location in terms of access from the motorway, right off the M42. It didn’t look, like anything special, but then again neither does the Malvern and that place is incredible. Once inside the view from the back of the pool was beautiful.

the ocean club & spa birmingham

Facilites 4/10

Im not going to lie, the facilities are nothing special. In fact, I’d say they are pretty standard for any hotel advertising pool facilities. You have your basic pool, small jaccuzi, sauna & steam room. The pool is a good size, but because this place has a gym available to all its visitors, it has a lane cordoned off in the middle for swimmers and that meant it did get pretty busy. As did the jaccuzi.

They don’t offer any kind of food (except a vending machine), so if your there for the day, I’d recommend taking something along with you. Luckily, we thought ahead – or our bellies did haha. So we had an array of delicious treats to keep us going 🙂

the ocean club and spa birmingham

Treatment 6/10

I had my treatments booked for 3pm and could not wait. I had a neck, shoulder and back massage, followed my a facial. You are given a standard form to fill in at the beginning, but to be honest, my therapist asked me all of those questions anyway so this was pretty pointless.

Having battled with Anxiety for about 6 years now, one of the long standing effects of this is a huge amount of tension in my left shoulder. I mentioned this to the therapist at the start, but really felt like she still did a standard routine and didn’t really adapt to my personal needs. That said, the pressure was great and I have seen an improvement in my regular aches in this area, which is great. The facial was lovely and she even threw in an indian head massage while my mask was on, which was really good. After I was feeling super relaxed.

The other thing to note is the size of the rooms. They are tiny. I actually felt quite anxious when I first went in because of how cramped and hot it was in there. So this is something to bear in mind if you have anxiety or claustrophobia.

the ocean club and spa birmingham

Overall 6/10

Overall, I think this spa was OK. If I were a hotel guest I would be super impressed with the facilities. However, as a paying ‘spa’ customer, I probably wouldn’t go again. Unless it were to be at a bargain price. I love a spa that you can really have a lavish day. Breakfast and lunch all on offer. The fact that this was such a huge hotel with so many hotel visitors also using the facilities, for me really took away from the experience. That said, I loved the day, and really valued the time with my family and it was a fab present for christmas. We did all walk away with the same theory though ‘It’s not quite the Malvern’

Have you guys been to many spas? Would love some recommendations on new ones to try.


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