Irrational thoughts I've had in Autumn

Irrational thoughts? Me? No never. But hold on, who am I kidding! Irrational thoughts are the very bairn of my existence and creep up on me pretty much every day. With Autumn very much upon us, I thought I’d tell you 4 irrational thoughts I’ve had in Autumn and how to overcome them. I hope that you can perhaps take some comfort in not being alone with absurd thoughts you might have had, and also find some humour in the sometimes ridiculous irrational thoughts I’ve had.

For those of you who haven’t dealt personally with anxiety you may be asking yourself what on earth I’m talking about. So let me explain a little. Irrational thoughts, for someone like me who has suffered with anxiety for years, can become all consuming in your own mind. Most of the time when I then voice this thought to someone else, they will think I’m completely ridiculous. And they are probably right. When I am calm, I can think something a little extreme and rationalise that thought as being over dramatic. However, when consumed by panic, those thoughts aren’t an imaginary scenario you’ve made up. In your mind, it feels as though that is genuinely going to happen.

This post is my entry into week two of the #TheBlogRace so I really hope you enjoy it and vote for me. There were so many things I could talk about, with Autumn being my favourite season of the year. However, I wanted to mix things up a little and thought this topic would be a great way to do that. So lets get into it, I hope you laugh as much as I did writing it.

Overheating after coming in from the cold

I know, overheating. Are you actually kidding Soph? But hear me out. The feeling of walking into a boiling hot room having just been walking in sub zero temperatures brings on the most horrific wave of panic. My hearts still racing from the walk, my fingers pulsating with the now increased circulation. As my body re-adjusts to the new temperature, I have often been convinced I am about to overheat. Completely over dramatic I know, but try telling that to the anxiety devil hovering over my right shoulder.

This is something that has so often consumed me to the point I can’t focus for an hour, that I actually have a solution. I now wear a vest top under all my jumpers. Such a simple little hack, but an absolute genius idea IMO for not freaking out. As soon as I get in the office, I can strip down to my vest top, recompose and get on with my morning. Job done!

4 Irrational thoughts I've had in Autumn

Slipping on wet leaves

I’m sure I can’t be the only one that fears this, the horrific epilogue of how you lost your life by slipping on the beautiful looking but deadly slippery leaves. I mean, its actually quite hilarious when you think about it and also quite sad. But thats anxiety isn’t it. These thoughts that consume your every decision, that are so irrationally ridiculous, they are almost funny. There isn’t really much of a solution to this one, but if you see me walking down a busy street in London one afternoon and notice the bizarre shimmy every few steps, now you know why. Yep, just me. avoiding death by wet leaf.

Seriously though, perhaps going for practicality over fashion when it comes to your new winter boots is a good idea. We all know those soft based boots are a danger in the winter months. But in the name of fashion, we run the risk anyway. I probably won’t be taking my own advise on this one and will continue to dance my way down the street. YOLO!

Overcoming irrational thoughts I've had in Autumn

Dark walks home mean kidnapping is likely

This one is a constant struggle for me, even more so now I live in London. There have been a few times I have been verbally harassed on my walks home coming back from events. It’s a really uncomfortable and unnecessary position that we are often put in. I know it’s completely irrational to believe that every person that looks at me for a second too long is my secret stalker. I just can’t help it. Imagine the whole Derek storyline of One Tree Hill – that is literally how I picture it. My mind honestly believes this person has been planning my kidnap for months and it is inevitable. Even as I write this, I am honestly laughing at myself because rationally I know how bloody ridiculous it is. Try telling anxious Soph that though.

The solution? I have a little hack. Yes. I really have thought into this. When I’m walking home late at night, I carry my keys in my hand ready to get in that front door as hassle free as possible. Sometimes I pretend I’m on the phone, or actually ring a friend to say “I’ll be there soon” in the hope this will warn said stalker off. Finally, I never have both head phones in. How could I possible hear them approaching with Busted blasting in the background. I either turn the volume down low, or better still, sneakily tuck a headphone over my ear. It then appears I can’t hear a thing but actually, I’m completely aware of anyone in my peripheral.

Irrational thoughts I've had in Autumn

Suffocating from condensation on packed wet tubes

Tubes. Where do I start with this, I hate them and I can’t imagine that will ever change. Whilst I can appreciate the convenience, I find the entire concept of being underground, quite frankly, disturbing. You are surrounded by strangers, awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact at all cost. Tubes in summer are pretty vile, someones sweaty armpit right by your nose, trying to keep as still as possible to avoid face planting in to BO hell. But winter tubes are infact worse. It’s pouring with rain outside and freezing cold, so you have no choice but to wrap up. Once you’ve made it down to the platform, the air is dense, the heat unbearable and the tubes are a moist mess.

There have been times when I’ve actually had to get off the tube and take a moment because I literally can’t get a breath. I felt like I was suffocating, the windows all steamed up, everyone is soaked and thus creating condensation everywhere. But that’s ok, if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, remove yourself and catch your breath. Although the thought of suffocating in the moment is very real, I know it’s irrational, but to just take my self off, give myself a pep talk and get back on is the best way to control that little devil on my shoulder.

Irrational thoughts I've had in Autumn

“overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness”

So there you have it, my 4 irrational thoughts I’ve had in autumn and how I overcome them. I really hope you enjoyed this post, and had a little laugh too. In the moments when I had them, they are really tormenting. However, now I’m rational I can have a little laugh at them. I hope you did too. Huge thank you to Vix and Laila for keeping me in this week. I have loved reading everyones posts so far!

What irrational thoughts have you had at this time of year? Leave them in a comment below.



    • sophiekathleen
      September 22, 2017 / 7:51 pm

      Thanks Katie! Glad you liked it x

  1. Laura Hollier
    September 22, 2017 / 7:39 pm

    OK your hair looks so amaazing!! Definitely agree about overthinking x

    • sophiekathleen
      September 22, 2017 / 7:51 pm

      Thanks Laura, all thanks to my B&M curlers 🙂 only £12.99 too! Glad you liked it xx

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