songs for anxiety

‘Sometimes music is the only thing that gets our mind of

everything else”

Music was a big part of my recovery from Panic Disorder, Anxiety and Depression. Whether I needed a pick me up, or to listen to something I could relate to, there was always a song in my playlist. Although there are so many I could share with you, today I thought I’d share with you, 5 songs that any anxiety sufferer can relate to. I hope you find some solace in these songs, they really helped me and still do. Now that I am over the worst, sometimes It’s nice for me to listen to these songs and remember where I was and just how far I’ve come.

1-800-273-8255 – Logic

I love this song and the meaning behind it. Logic had received so many messages from people telling him that his music had changed their life and really helped them. He thought if it had done so much without him meaning to, what if he actually tried to help. And this was the outcome, a song about suicide and the fight to be alive. It is titled after the national suicide line in America. IF you haven already I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen, it really resonates with me and how I have felt over the process of getting better.

My Recovery – James Arthur

This song came out when I was going through the CBT process. It gave me strength when I was tired of practicing the things I’d learnt without results. “In my recovery, I’m a soldier at war, I have broken down walls, I defined, I designed, my recovery”. This fit perfectly to my situation and his voice is incredible.

Fight Song – Rachel Platten

This song speaks for its self. With any mental health disorder, its hard work to overcome. Its a fight. Rachel’s passion in this song shines through. I used to sing this in the car as loud as I could and it gave me courage that I was taking back my life.

Breath Me – Sia

This song is one for when you need a good cry. Recovery is hard. It comes in waves. You have good days and bad. You could have such a positive few days and then boom, you’re back in that dark place, crying yourself to sleep again. I love how powerful this song is and sometimes you do just want to sit and feel sorry for yourself.

Mad World – Gary Jules

Finally this is a song is one for when you just want to connect with a song and whats around you. I used to love going for a walk listening to this song, watching the people around me go about their day. The lyrics of this song are so powerful. I used to find this song as a great help when trying to distract myself from the thoughts in mind and focus on something external.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and enjoy listening to the songs I’ve share.

Do you have any songs that helped you through? I’d love to hear what they are.



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