anxiety quote worry never robs tomorrow of its sorry

This weeks quote “worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy” is one I consciously try to use regularly similar to last weeks quote. Have you ever been consumed by worry to the point you can’t function? Yeah, me too.

In the height of my anxiety disorder, I used to get myself into absolute frenzies at the thought of standing in a queue for bread, let alone the prospect of a doctors appointment. I once got myself into such a state for one appointment, I had to ask the receptionist to come and get me from outside. I proceeded to sit outside on the phone to my mom, convinced I was about to be told I had Cancer. To some that’s totally overdramatic, but in that moment, to me, it was completely rational. Once I had seen the doctor and been told I was completely fine, I felt like an absolute idiot.

Why do we do that? Why do we worry about things we ultimately can’t change. It makes absolutely no sense. But still, we continue to do it. Thats why today, I think this quote is a good one to remember and share. Of course, in some circumstances, lets use an exam as an example, worry can be productive. You worry that you haven’t studied enough, so you study more and the result of that is a better grade. However, once that exam has been taken, worrying about the outcome is irrelevant. Its an uncomfortable feeling that ultimately has no benefit, because the result will remain the same regardless.


“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorry, It only

saps today of it’s joy”


This quote is one to read, then read again and really reflect on. How many times have you really worried yourself about something and then things have all worked out. Maybe it didn’t work out, maybe what you worried about actually came to fruition. But did worrying actually help? Did it make anything easier?  I know it never has for me. All its ever been is an unwelcome emotion that consumes my thoughts and actually ruins the rest of my day.

Its important to put some context into this. Of course, a little worry before an exam for example is helpful, It motivates you to study harder. However, once you’ve done the exam, what good does it do to worry about the outcome. No matter how much you worry, the result will be the same. The only thing you will get is days consumed by an awful feeling that you could have done better.

Throughout my worst days with anxiety, I passed up on so many events and activities with friends and family. I was worried people would judge me, that I might get hurt or I’d have an attack. It really did sap a lot of the joy from my life. As soon as I started to put myself in situations my anxiety made me uncomfortable about, I started to realise those bad things weren’t going to happen and that I could cope. I could enjoy it. That was where things started to change.

Do you regularly get consumed by worry? What techniques do you use to control this?


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