Sophie Kathleen first appeared online as a space to escape the trauma I once had. After discovering the online community whilst going through a really difficult time I decided to throw myself into the world of beauty blogging and YouTube.

As I’ve grown, so has my blog. Now, after battling debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and depression, I want to use this platform to share my story and the tips that helped me overcome my demons. I was once a girl who followed the wrong path, surrounded myself with the wrong people and ultimately felt there was no way out. Now on the other side of all of that, I want to help you through it too. This blog is the space to show you, that you can make it out of the other side too.

Whatever your struggles, you can come to Sophie Kathleen for advice on getting over trauma, tips on how to take care of yourself and that little push you may need to become the best you, you can be.